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        Our Team

        Our doors are always open for right talent !

        A company is known for its employees' skills and ability, and WEDOWEBAPPS is proud to have such a team of professionals. Our strategy to grow as a company is to invest in expert human resources that are accepted to be our primary asset.

        Milan Soni

        Founder, CEO

        Pratik Patel

        Co-Founder, Director

        Jeet Gandhi

        iOS Developer

        Tarun Modi

        Frontend Engineer, Web Developer

        Jitendra Rana

        Frontend Engineer, Web Developer

        Ketan Patel

        Digital Marketing Manager

        Poonam Timbadia

        iOS Developer

        Jitendra Parmar

        Sr. Android Developer

        Siddhesh Shah

        Backend Engineer

        Dhaval Patel

        Full Stack Developer.

        Kinjal Patel

        Content Writer

        Sandeep Nagarale

        UI UX / Web Designer

        Ankit Dudakiya

        UI/UX Designer

        Jay Makwana

        Android Developer

        Nirav Parekh

        Full Stack Developer

        Dhruti Patel

        PHP Developer

        Nirav Parmar

        Backend Engineer

        Namita Malviya

        SEO Executive

        Tushar Nayee

        Web Designer