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      1. Custom Php Development Banner

        Custom Php Development

        Today, PHP is the most demandable scripting language across the world. PHP programming language is the most favored programming language appropriate for site development as PHP can expertly be installed into HTML code. Custom PHP Development is also the right choice for web development.


        PHP Website Development Company

        PHP is a scripting language that enables people to create dynamic web pages and applications. It is a server-side language that is one of the most popular used by developers today. PHP used by 77.9% of all the websites whose server-side programming language is known. WordPress is used by 16.6% of all the sites in the world. If you have a look at the top three CMSes, for the websites that use a monitored content management system: WordPress is first with 54.3%, Joomla is second with 9.2%, and Drupal is third with 6.8%. Three products are written in PHP.

        PHP code may be embedded into HTML code, or it can be used in combination with various Web template systems and web frameworks. PHP code usually processed by a PHP interpreter implemented as a module in the web server or as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) executable. As a PHP website Development Company, we offer a fast, secure, and reliable website that attracts more clients.

        PHP Website Development Company

        Why Choose Custom Php Development?

        Open source

        Open source

        PHP is an open-source programming scripting language, and it's easy to understand. The programming is easy for coding and no need of code repeat.



        The undertakings of PHP can work on different working frameworks, for example, LINUX, UNIX, Windows, and so forth. It works impeccably with the Apache/MySQL database.



        It's very simple to change over a static web development into the unique sites and easy to embed with HTML.

        Anytime Support

        Anytime Support

        PHP is the most well-known platform among web developers. Anybody can search for the client rules, user guideline, tutorials, forums, etc. Designers refer to an online library for the error unravelling.



        It is easy to incorporate PHP coding with some other languages. You can quickly meet the customer need with PHP scripting language.

        WHAT WE DO

        Custom Php Development Service We Provide

        Cake PHP

        WeDoWebApps- A foremost company in the development of Cake PHP. Cake PHP has a well-structured code, inbuilt functionalities like access of database, cookies, authentication, translation, caching, and many more

        Code Igniter

        CodeIgniter is an impressive PHP Framework with a tiny footprint for programmers. It is a simple yet elegant tool for developers, and design, which is built, is user-friendly, and back-end supports the entire need of the customer

        Zend Framework

        Zend Development framework is considered an utterly object-oriented framework. For a couple of years, it has been evolving exponentially. It has so many powerful components that speed up application development.

        Startup solutions

        A good start is half the work done. We allow entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into cutting-edge reality.

        • E-Commerce

        • Restaurant Automation

        • Money lending

        • Food ordering

        • Event ticket booking

        Business Solutions

        We empower your business with a high performing solution. We will help to push the boundaries on your business’s growth and profitability.

        • Business strategy

        • E-business solutions

        • Business application development

        • Business process analysis

        • Business intelligence

        Enterprise Solutions

        By using our depth Enterprise Solutions knowledge and years-long experience, we offer solutions that have generated qualified results.

        • Enterprise Content Management System

        • Customer Relationship Management

        • Enterprise Resource Planning

        • Human Resource Management

        • E-Commerce Portals

        Consumer Solutions

        We are entirely aware of the many challenges faced by Consumer companies. We build the exact solution for your company is looking to engage customers and to make your work better.

        • Supply chain management

        • Product lifecycle management

        • Sales management

        • Analytics integration

        • Logistics

        success stories

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        Android iOS Laravel React

        Client Testimonials

        Leon Goodman

        Very responsive and easy reach for any of my enhancements or things that needed to be done on ResultPlan.com. Super active and highly professional company to work with.

        James Daver

        The entire project was very important from technical perspective as such the previous application build by old team was buggy and have many issues. I hired WEDO team with a goal to provide a stand alone app with bug free solution and scalable that will target wide young audience and fortunately the team fulfill all our expectations and targets that we set. I highly recommend team for all our future enhancements and ongoing support for this app and future apps.

        Mark A

        On the first project , WEDO team was very fast, efficient, creative and imaginative – they added value using their own initiative but also delivered exactly to specifications as required. We made detailed changes too which were quickly processed.

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