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      1. Taxi Booking Application Development Company

        ?Let's accelerate your taxi business. We have a tendency to bring the facility of technology to attach your cabs to many travelers.

        Taxi Booking Application Development Company
        WHAT IS...

        On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development

        Traditional taxi services have become the digitalized platform. Now, people prefer to book for the taxi application services via their mobile phone as they're getting a chance to a better experience of their ride by the advanced techniques. ? ? The?on-demand taxi booking app development?provides incredible mobility scope to deliver the simplest services to their customers. We offer complete solutions to a wide range of businesses, and you will get benefit from our customized taxi app development.

        Talk to Our Expert
        Taxi booking Application Development


        Share your on-demand app ideas with our expert, who will comprehend your business process and suggest the right solution.

        A digital solution for smart travelers. We are allowing easy booking with taxi app UI to maximize interaction, enabling more fabulous transformation through a complete taxi app solution. Each user creates their own profile with personal contact details. Users can now book a cab for immediate use from their live location with the option to ride. They can also book a taxi for a later period, which is the most convenient for them. Users can book a cab using the app for someone else and send them travel details directly from the app. The user can choose a cab that best suits their time, size and walking distance requirements. When unexpected deficiencies occur, customers can use the SOS button to obtain emergency assistance. Our taxi application developers, with specialized experience in creating applications on-demand, can help you build a robust tax reservation application that you are looking for.

        • Book a taxi
        • Manage ride
        • Payment History
        • Book for Other
        • Live Routing
        • Review and Rating

        We offer custom made driver applications, that help drivers to manage the trip, confirm the nearby ride, live tracking, payment, and reviews. An easy and hassle-free process for drivers to easily register their vehicles or services with the app. Drivers can switch between working hours and break hours using available and unavailable options. Drivers can choose to accept or reject a ride based on their availability or interest in the trip. The driver obtains complete information about the journey, such as pick-up location, drop-off location and estimated fare for the trip. Once the passenger has been picked up, the driver can begin the final ride using the OTP or swipe gestures on the application screen. The driver can track the entire mileage daily, weekly or monthly on the application screen. From the complete ride to ongoing travel and earning, the driver can see all the essential information on one screen.

        • Trip Information
        • Accept / Reject
        • Real-Time Requests
        • Trip Information
        • Contact Passenger
        • Navigation

        The admin controls all over the dashboard and keeps track of taxi drivers and passengers for reliable and secure taxi services. Secure login system based on SSO or email for admin to login to the dashboard. Administrators can view of all drivers and their current location. The administrator has the right user to add, modify, or remove drivers from time to time. The administrator can monitor the inventory of the vehicle and assign them to the drivers for efficient use. The administrator can set custom pricing or set dynamic pricing that varies with volume and demand. Also, learn how users make reservations, busiest routes, peak hours and more with detailed reporting and analysis.

        • Login Securely
        • Dashboard for Admins
        • Manage customers?
        • Manage drivers
        • Manage Vehicles
        • Real-time tracking
        • Payment Integration

        Why Choose US?


        10+ years of experience in the IT field

        Experience makes a man perfect. The same way our experience and client support help us to get motivated and deliver the best work results and output through our services.


        24*7 Support

        A key factor for any successful business is its after-sales. Wedowebapps follows this rule and works until the client is happy and fully satisfied post-delivery of work.

        on time delivery

        On-time delivery

        Nowadays, even Pizza is delivered at the committed time within 30 minutes, so how can we delay the work. Our developers are bound to provide on time delivery with quality assured.

        afforable pricing

        Affordable Pricing

        When we provide our customers with a quote, we provide them with an explanation of each charge along with the timeline for addressing each task to keep the process transparent.

        Quality Assurance

        Quality Assurance

        Wedowebapps is responsible for ensuring a product or service meets the established standards of quality, including reliability, usability, and performance.

        100% Client Satisfaction

        100% Client Satisfaction

        We see our customers as guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.


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        Client Testimonials

        Leon Goodman

        Very responsive and easy reach for any of my enhancements or things that needed to be done on ResultPlan.com. Super active and highly professional company to work with.

        James Daver

        The entire project was very important from technical perspective as such the previous application build by old team was buggy and have many issues. I hired WEDO team with a goal to provide a stand alone app with bug free solution and scalable that will target wide young audience and fortunately the team fulfill all our expectations and targets that we set. I highly recommend team for all our future enhancements and ongoing support for this app and future apps.

        Mark A

        On the first project , WEDO team was very fast, efficient, creative and imaginative – they added value using their own initiative but also delivered exactly to specifications as required. We made detailed changes too which were quickly processed.

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