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      1. Video Streaming Application Development

        If an image worth a thousand words, at that point, a video merits a million. The streaming app is a customized media experience. From On-Demand Video Streaming to Live Streaming, we are specialists in building powerful video streaming applications.?

        Video Streaming Application Development
        WHAT IS...

        On-Demand Live Video Streaming App Development Services

        Video streaming is the dominant way to represent video content to the user. Nowadays, TV is experiencing its last days, which allows let it out. A new generation of people lost their interest from TV with the evolution of video streaming applications. So,?on-demand live video streaming application development services?is the coming future.? This is the reason behind why most of the investors in the market is heavily invest in video streaming application development. Let our video streaming application development company assist you with choosing the best features to have in your application.

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        Video Streaming Application Development


        Share your on-demand app ideas with our expert, who will comprehend your business process and suggest the right solution.

        Users can manage their profile and enjoy all these features while using the app. With the increasing demand for live streaming applications, profit margins and customer income has increased a lot in recent years, when creating live streaming applications will benefit a lot during this period. Take advantage of the power of video streaming with a custom streaming solution. Because the live streaming app acts as a bridge between influencers and fans, creating a platform where both can get great convenience and exceptional comfort using the app. As a live video streaming app builder, we help you develop bug-free mobile app development for video on demand. Let our video streaming application development company to help you decide the best features you can describe in your application.

        • Download video and listen offline
        • Like & Share the video on social networks
        • Create Private and public playlists
        • Publish Short Videos, Films, TV, and Series
        • Lockscreen info (artist, video, cover)
        • Watch video streaming
        • Add video on the playlist
        • Comment and Ratings
        • Background play
        • User profile

        Being one of the leading video streaming solution providers, we assist you with the perfect amalgamation of key features in your web and mobile applications. Audio or Video, our exceptional solutions have always proven to be rewarding for any industry ranging from Education to Entertainment, and from Music to Healthcare. Our experts know how to keep up with the latest trends which is beneficial for your business to sustain and thrive in a competitive environment. Whatever your requirements are, our motto is simple: you demand and we make.

        • Creating one or many events
        • Creating events with small slots
        • Selling of the slots to reach the maximum audience
        • One to one streaming
        • One to many streaming
        • Many to many streaming
        • Stream recording
        • Stream encoding
        • Offline streaming
        • Share on social media

        Admin can analyze the live viewers, broadcasters, and also track the usage of the app and data to make further decisions. Real-time analytics is a vital administration feature that helps you to make an informed decision. The admin will become aware of the number of users and their usages to create and implement the strategy. Website administrators have the functionality to manage available categories, add new ones, upload videos, and delete when needed. The feature that allows video streaming solution administrators to moderate content, upload videos, or remove user-uploaded pieces of video content that will be very easy to manage.

        • Upload video (mass upload)
        • Delete/Edit/Add video, album, style, and artist
        • Manage User profile
        • Manage advertising and promotions
        • Publication of the video in one click
        • Manage subscriptions & memberships
        • Review Comments From Users
        • Add Latest Deals, Releases And Upcoming Videos

        Why Choose US?


        10+ years of experience in the IT field

        Experience makes a man perfect. The same way our experience and client support help us to get motivated and deliver the best work results and output through our services.


        24*7 Support

        A key factor for any successful business is its after-sales. Wedowebapps follows this rule and works until the client is happy and fully satisfied post-delivery of work.

        on time delivery

        On-time delivery

        Nowadays, even Pizza is delivered at the committed time within 30 minutes, so how can we delay the work. Our developers are bound to provide on time delivery with quality assured.

        afforable pricing

        Affordable Pricing

        When we provide our customers with a quote, we provide them with an explanation of each charge along with the timeline for addressing each task to keep the process transparent.

        Quality Assurance

        Quality Assurance

        Wedowebapps is responsible for ensuring a product or service meets the established standards of quality, including reliability, usability, and performance.

        100% Client Satisfaction

        100% Client Satisfaction

        We see our customers as guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.


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        Client Testimonials

        Leon Goodman

        Very responsive and easy reach for any of my enhancements or things that needed to be done on ResultPlan.com. Super active and highly professional company to work with.

        James Daver

        The entire project was very important from technical perspective as such the previous application build by old team was buggy and have many issues. I hired WEDO team with a goal to provide a stand alone app with bug free solution and scalable that will target wide young audience and fortunately the team fulfill all our expectations and targets that we set. I highly recommend team for all our future enhancements and ongoing support for this app and future apps.

        Mark A

        On the first project , WEDO team was very fast, efficient, creative and imaginative – they added value using their own initiative but also delivered exactly to specifications as required. We made detailed changes too which were quickly processed.

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